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“#enthusiasm: it could be a perfect title for an Instagram post, whose protagonists
are all the participants to the photo walk.

For many of them it was the first street photography assigned, a task to be performed in few hours”.

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That is how the photo reporter Marco Negri describes  the demonstration shooting through the May 1st parade organized by Street Photo Milano, the first international street photography festival organized in Milan, that will bring several events in the streets of the city until May 6th.

Founded in partnership with the renown Miami Street Photography Festival, Street Photo Milano celebrates the street photography with numerous activities, from portfolio reviews to photography workshops, from panels with the artists to exhibitions. All these activities are organized and supported by the collectives Eyegobananas and Burn My Eye, whose members perfectly express the fresh and innovative spirit of the event. Main partner of the initiative is Leica, a brand that, more than any other, is characterized by a strong affinity with the humanistic, reportage and street photography.

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In this young and dynamic context, Street Photo Milano does not forget to offer direct on the ground experiences. An example of this is the photo walk of May 1st, during which twenty photographers – professionals and amateurs – captured faces and details of the parade through the streets of Milan, with the patient and careful supervision of Marco Negri and Eyegobananas’s guys.

Red flags, banners, fists raised to the rhythm of the chants and every kind of face lost in the streets of the heart of Milan: this is how May 1st is seen through the eyes of the street photographers.

The participants to thephoto walk put into practice the instructions of their “tutor” Marco Negri given during the briefing held on April 30th at the newsroom of il and Gli Occhi della guerra, media partner of Street Photo Milano.

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“Their response was positive, well realized but above all unexpected”, Negri tells, “many of them managed to illustrate the demonstration getting deeply in touch with the event, representing its emotions and describing the parade with the use of no words: only with the use of the light”.

After the parade the photographers met again at Spazio Edit – location of the six exclusive exhibitions set up during the festival – where the photo reporter helped them also in the editing.

Black and with or color, it doesn’t matter: the pictures captured the heart of the demonstrations: “the human being with his emotions, true essence of the street photography”, as Juan Reyes explains, founder of the Miami Street Photography Festival, who come from America to take part in the launch of the first Milanese edition of the event. Together with the other street photographers, Reyes grabbed his camera and went through the streets of Milan, letting the city catch him with his rich and intense humanity, always worthy of being immortalized.

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